About Dave's Auto Body Inc.

In 1983 Dave Wierer was confronted with some bad news from his employer.  He was closing his shop so Dave would have to find another job.  So Dave did what anyone with a young family would do...he opened his own body shop. Though he was nervous about starting his own business he was confident he would succeed if he was honest with his customers and gave them a great value.  Dave's business has grown based significantly on the idea of delighting the customer. Dave understood how vulnerable people feel when they needed car repairs after an accident. The goal at Dave's has always been to get you back behind the wheel of your car as quickly as possible without cutting corners. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount to everyone at Dave's.

Dave Wierer President/Owner

Dave's Auto Resale was created in 2002. The main purpose for creating Dave's Auto Resale was to keep his excellent staff gainfully employed and their skills sharp. Cars are purchased on the auto auction and repaired by the same technicians that would work on your car. They use this work to fill in when times are slow.  Since its creation Dave's Auto Resale has become a valuable part of Dave's Auto Body Inc. Dave's focuses on late model popular brands and models.

In 2007 Jessica started working full time at Dave's, though she has been working off and on for many years prior to joining the staff as the Office Manager.  She later took over much of the responsibility for Dave's Auto Resale. She now handles marketing, web site, and social media tasks at Dave's as well as accounting. She has become a skilled estimator and now does many of the estimates each day.  She plans on taking the helm of Dave's Auto Body Incorporated when Dave retires.

In January of 2009 Dave's Auto Body Inc. was devastated by a fire early on a Sunday morning. The resilience and resourcefulness of Dave, Jessica and the staff of Dave's Auto Body Inc. had them back up and running in temporary facilities 7 working days later. In August of that same year they moved into their new facility on the site of the old Dave's Auto Body. They used their experience from years of working in their old shop, which had grown over time as the need arose, to design a workspace that fit their needs and allowed for more efficient workflow. 
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