Dave's Auto Resale is starting its 15th year

Recently relocated sales lot is now to the east of our building. We are super excited to have obtained this property to help expand our used vehicle inventory. Come and check it out!

In 2002 we added Dave's Auto Resale to keep employees working 40 hours a week/52 weeks a year and has become a valuable asset to our business. In many cases, we take cars that need body work from collisions and repair them to give them a second life. We are confident that the repairs we do will last as long as a vehicle that has not been in such an accident, and can leave a customer with the assurance that they purchased a vehicle at a great value that could stand next to any other used vehicle.

We focus on late model, low mileage cars and popular vehicles. What you get is a great car at a much lower price and the Dave's Auto Resale Warranty. See something that you like? Give us a call or stop in for a test drive. Not finding what you're looking for? Just visit our Vehicle Finder page and let us know what your looking for we will add it to our grocery list so we know what to buy the next time we go shopping.  No guarantees, but it never hurts to let us know. Who knows your next car, truck or van might just be your dream vehicle from Dave's Auto Resale.

Dave's Auto Resale is no-pressure vehicle shopping. The vehicle has to sell itself, not our salesperson selling you a vehicle that you don't want. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can keep our eyes open for something that you would like. Word of mouth advertising has been very valuable to Dave's Auto Resale. We thank all of you who have recommended others to check out our inventory.

All features and prices of vehicles identified as "Coming Soon" or "On the Back Lot" are subject to change and may not be 100% accurate. If you have a question about any thing in our inventory just give us a call and ask for Jessica or Dave. They will be happy to answer any question you may have about all of the vehicles on hand.