How to Help New Drivers Avoid Collisions

Driving a vehicle for the first time after getting your license is an exciting adventure. Long behind you will the days be of asking your parents for rides, having to navigate which buses to catch or chaining up your bike from gate to gate. Becoming a licensed driver had a lot of perks, but it’s also a lot to process. Even if you have practiced regularly and were an efficient driver enough to pass your driving test, a driver really learns how to navigate the road and situation over time. It takes a long time to learn how to become a well-rounded defensive and safe driver. A report by Esurance found that 77% of drivers have been in at least one accident, so unfortunately, even with practice, part of becoming an experienced driver may involve getting into an accident. We have outlined some helpful, essential tips that can assist in minimizing a new driver’s odd of getting into an auto collision.

Auto Body Intact

It’s firstly important to make sure that the vehicle you are operating is fully safe and intact. If any part of your vehicle is out of sorts, you are risking the road safety of yourself and of others on the road. If you have been meaning to see an auto body repair shop for bumper repair because your bumper is loose, we recommend scheduling service yesterday. We often get customers who are coming in to fix portions of their vehicle that have been out of line for some time. Though we are happy they have come in and we can assist, we do not encourage you to put off auto body repair, especially if you are risking any sort of disassembling. Before getting into your vehicle and hitting the road, make your vehicle is equipped to be next to even be on the road.

Defensive Driving

We can only control our own actions on the road, but we also have to be reactive to others, consciously and consistently. As a new driver, it’s important to stay consistent with operating your vehicle keeping in mind all you practiced and learned, such as lane-switching protocols, when your headlights should come on, how to check your mirrors and how consistently you should be doing so; however, it’s there’s another layer to being a safe, accident-avoidant driver. New drivers need to be aware of what the vehicle’s in their sight, both immediate and through their mirrors, are doing as well. A new driver needs to understand, that being alert and properly reacting to the actions of others, is essential in avoiding auto collisions.

Emotional Stability

If you are to get into an accident or see one coming on, it can be very terrifying, especially as a new driver, even if it’s a minor fender bender. As long as you are on the road, or near other vehicles and/or pedestrians, it is absolutely essential that a new driver is conscious of the importance of staying calm and in charge. Only you are behind the wheel of your vehicle, so until you are out of harm’s way, it’s your responsibility to stay in charge of your vehicle and not allow an emotional reaction to make you lose control further.

Our auto body repair shop has repaired collision damage of all calibers. We have the expertise to repair but prefer our clients to stay safe. Driving for the first time is exciting but comes with a major responsibility. Ensure road safety and minimize your chances of engaging in an auto collision by ensuring your vehicle is prepared for the road, and the driver behind the wheel is actively aware of their surroundings.