Free Estimates and Appraisals for Collision Repair Service

When you are in a vehicle accident, you need a ballpark idea of what repairs will cost. This estimate is something you need for the insurance provider, and so you can budget the cost. A reliable shop will give you a free estimate.

An accident is not something you plan on having. Even when you are aware of the steps you need to take at the accident scene, a collision can be a harrowing experience. After all, it's not an experience you have too often.

Once you get things worked out with the insurance company, you need a collision repair estimate from a body shop you can trust. A reliable body shop will not charge you for a rough estimate of your vehicle repair needs. Yes. Unreliable body shops charge for inspections, but you want to stay away from these repair shops.

Get A Quality Estimate

Not at all vehicle repair estimates are the same. Get a qualified estimate from an experienced vehicle repair specialist, one who will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and accurately assess the needs. You will get a more accurate estimate this way.

The insurance company may offer a list of auto collision specialists, but they can't force you to use a particular repair shop. Do the research and take your vehicle to a specialist who can get the repair to the standard you want.

Look for a shop that has certified technicians. Get a detailed estimate with a written warranty and maybe even a rental vehicle option. Look for reviews online and see what other customers say about the repair shop you want to use.

What Comes in A Preliminary Estimate?

A preliminary estimate should only take about 30 minutes. The technicians will take down your vehicle identification number and write up a detailed report that includes the cost of parts and labor required to fix the damage. The estimate will also contain the time needed for the repairs.

What About Insurance?

Whether you were at fault or not, you should contact your insurance provider after an accident. Whatever the problem, whether you hit a parked vehicle, a tree, or were involved in a head-on collision, notify the insurance provider first.

In most cases, the insurance company covers the cost of having the vehicle repaired. Just remember, while the insurance company helps with financial coverage, you have the final say on who works on your vehicle. It is your vehicle, and you can get it repaired to the standard you want.

We Have Your Back

We understand how stressful fixing a vehicle after an accident can be. It is why we are committed to offering the best collision repair service possible. We make the entire process easier. Our service professionals can handle your insurance claims and work with your insurance company to make the repair job run smoothly. Come and see us for your free repair estimate.